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Welcome to the Druid Alliance of North America
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These are the thoughts and views of members of the greater community.
There is a saying ask three Druids what Druidry is, and you will get four answers.

Druids were the scholarly elite of their time. They used their knowledge and skills to serve their communities and help them prosper. In a modern sense, the Druid path is a path of service to your community. Being a Druid, one provides important services to the people; teaching lore, officiating ritual, and being a good listener as a counselor. These services are a vital part of a healthy Celtic polytheist community.

Donald Ervin

For me, Druidry is about connection and living in right relationship with the world around us. That includes all the people, plants, animals, and the world – natural and created – that we live in. It’s about trying to be a good guest and a good host in all parts of our lives. In our homes, on the bus, on the street, in the metro, in the store, out in nature. It’s about recognizing the world we live in – its benefits and its shortcomings – and being the best us that we can be.


Being a Druid requires a desire to serve. Serving community, Serving the Gods and Serving the planet. They are the teachers and the officiants of the community. They provide a service for the people and are of service to the people.

Branos Carnutodruidon

Druidry is answering a calling: embracing responsibility to nature and her inhabitants. Druidry is a spiritually and philosophically fulfilling experiential lifestyle, whereby wisdom is constantly sought, particularly among the natural sciences. The passage of time and change of the seasons, once observed for the sake of human survival, are now celebrated in homage while acknowledging the shifting traditions. Druidry is a challenge to the status quo, urging humanism, altruism, compassion, and empathy – all while fostering the practice and expansion of our intuition and the esoteric arts. All this and more, regardless of ethnicity or heritage, for it affects us all, and the Earth-Mother is our only home.


What I typically tell people when they ask what Druidry is I say something like this:
Druidry is a daily life lived in harmony with nature.
Seasonal rituals that celebrate the cycles of nature.
And meditation to unveil the secrets of our own personal nature.
For me personally, it has developed into a religion and philosophy that has incorporated in itself an emphasis on knowledge and science, married with magic and spirituality.

Dave Ardrey

We in the Druid Community do not DEAL with any forms of hate. We stand with and for the helpless, the sick, and the weak. We are the voice for the ones with none. We value all the colors of the rainbow that includes the colors of all spiritualities, religions, races,  and sexualities.

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