The Nemeton forest

Welcome to the Druid Alliance of North America
Our site is currently under construction as we are planting the seeds for growth.

The Nemeton Drus

This section is still a work in progress.

For a basic walkthrough on the Ancient Druids, Celtic Religion, General terms, Rituals, and a whole host of other useful information to get you started check out our online book.
The Book of Knowing.

The books below are broken up into two parts Historical and Contemporary.

Historical meaning books that are focused on History, Archeology things of this nature. A lot of Recon Druids focus on these books.
Contemporary meaning books focused on modern understanding and are also related to some of the Orders. These books have things mostly relating to the Neo-Druid.

Further Reading

These books will help further your studies in Bardic, Ovatic, and Druidic paths. These will be grouped into categories for easier understanding.

The Nemeton Drus Spiral

We in the Druid Community do not DEAL with any forms of hate. We stand with and for the helpless, the sick, and the weak. We are the voice for the ones with none. We value all the colors of the rainbow that includes the colors of all spiritualities, religions, races,  and sexualities.

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