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Proto-Indo-Europeans were the original Indo-European society. Many of the things that we have are hypothetical and controversial. But archaeological and linguistic evidence points us in the direction to understand a great deal. Around 6,000 years ago, in what is thought to be someplace between Europe and Asia, most scholars think in the steppes north of the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.
You can read more about the Kurgan hypothesis to understand more of the Cultural spread. Their descendants migrated through most of Europe, Persia, and northern India. They became the Celtic culture in Central and Western Europe, the Germanic culture in Northern Europe, the Baltic and Slavic cultures in Eastern Europe, the Roman culture in Italy, the Ancient Greek culture in Greece, the Iranian/Zoroastrians culture in Iran, and the Vedic Hindu civilization in India.

Based on the linguistic research of Indo-European-speaking people’s languages, the Proto-Indo-European Religion is reconstructed.

Proto Indo European Gods and Goddesses

Dyḗus Pḥatḗr – (Sky Father) – He is a god of the sky in the daylight. During the day, he is active, and the Sun is his bright eye. He co-created the Thunder God with Mother Earth.

Haéusōs – (Dawn Goddess) – She always appears in the sky before the SUN GOD. She is always associated with Dawn, exposing herself to the daily arrival of light into the world, driving away oppressive darkness, chasing away malevolent demons, reawakening all life, setting all things in action, and dispatching everyone to their duty. Some connect her to planet Venus.

Perkʷū́nos – (Striker” or “Oak God) – Mother Earth and the Sky Father are his parents. The Thunder God wields an axe, hammer, mace, or sword.
He is the one who makes agriculture possible by sending rain. Oak is the most significant tree associated with him. Thursday, the fourth day of the week, is his holy day. He is the MIGHTY SERPENT’S destroyer.

Seh2ul and *Meh1no – (Sun and Moon) – The original Indo-European solar deity appears to have been female, and the Lunar seems to be masculine.

Dʰéǵʰōm – (Earth) or Pleth₂wih₁ (Broad One)- She is a goddess of fertility and the ground. She co-created the Thunder God with Sky Father.
In most Indo-European languages, words denoting her real name are typically related to the word MOTHER. She is linked to fertility and growth and death as the deceased’s ultimate resting place.

Divine Twins ( Reconstruction of the name is not available, lacking Linguistic Evidence) – Only one of them, the son of SKY FATHER, is immortal. The second twin is always the one to die before the first.
The Divine Twins, who were often shown as young men rescuing mortals in combat or at sea, rode the steeds that pulled the sun through the sky and were sometimes shown as horses themselves. They had a sister, the Dawn, who was also depicted as the Sky-daughter God’s in Indo-European mythology. The two brothers are frequently presented as healers and aids who travel in miraculous vehicles to save shipwrecked humanity. They are frequently distinguished: one is shown as a physically powerful and aggressive warrior, while the other is portrayed as a healer who prefers to focus on household responsibilities, agronomic endeavors, or amorous adventures.

Páxusōn – (The Protector” or “Shepherd”) -. He’s the one who stands in the middle. He looks after travelers, traders, and other middlemen. He also protects cattle, which are a source of riches. As a result, he can be prayed to as both a way-opener and a prosperity-giver.

Westyā – (She of the Household) – Hearth Goddess

Kolyos – (The Coverer) – The Goddesses of Death, but it is not the Goddess of the Dead but Death itself.

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