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The Nemeton Drus

Sylvan Celtic Fellowship
Sylvan Celtic Fellowship is a Celto-Druidic group dedicated to creating a Celtic hearth based culture and Druids to serve it. They do not define their spiritual practice as “Druidism” since not everyone who practices it would consider themselves in the role of Druid. They have crafted their own take on modern Celtic spiritual practice, which we refer to it as “The Sylvan Way” which is a modern Celtic polytheism. It is meant to be as inclusive as possible and is based on certain aspects of neo-druidism and Celtic Reconstructionism.

Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD) 
This is the biggest Druid order in the world. Each month you are sent a packet with 4 (Gwersu) lessons; these are for booklets with information for you to study. Each booklet is a week’s worth of work. You get a year’s worth of work for the grade you are in. This order is less about the written tests and more about doing. You take a test at the end of each grade instead of each lesson’s end like some other orders. Everyone is welcome, no matter their religion, color, or sexuality. Welcome to all. 

New Order of Druids (NOD) 
This is an academic course with essays you have to do after each lesson. It can be dry at times but are a good community of people. They have much content and free with an option to pay to get more content. The courses are Correspondence courses which means you are always in contact with a mentor. 

This is the oldest order in The United States. This order does not have the Bard, Ovates, and Druid Grades system. It has a Candidate, First Degree, Second Degree, Third Degree, and it also as Clergy Programs. The courses are based on individual study than a correspondence course like the NOD. 

Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship (ADF) 
This is the biggest order in the United States. This order does not have the same setup as OBOD. It does not have the same Grade system as in Bard, Ovates, and Druids. Instead, you start on the Dedicant Path, a year-long study to learn about their beliefs and practices. Then you have Initiate, Clergy, and Generalist. They also focus a lot on Kindreds and Guilds. 

The British Druid Order 
This is an order similar to OBOD. You get four PDFs a month for a year, that have much information to use in your daily life. To move on to the next you must show that you comprehended the material you have gotten. 

Druidical Order of the Golden Dawn 
This order is not your regular Druid Order. This one merges Druid thought with Golden Dawn thought. The grades are Ovate, Bard, and Druid. Created by John Greer. The Druidical Order of the Golden Dawn is a magical order teaching a system of ceremonial magic descended partly from the Druid Revival of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and partly from the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, a nineteenth-century magical order.

The Druid Network
The Druid Network is a great space full of info its not an Order but a group and within the Group there is a small order called the Order of the Yew. They also have small study circulums for you.

Reformed Druids of North America

The Druid Order

Llygedyn Grove

Tribe of the Oak Druid Grove 

Peaceful Earth Grove

The Nemeton Drus Spiral

We in the Druid Community do not DEAL with any forms of hate. We stand with and for the helpless, the sick, and the weak. We are the voice for the ones with none. We value all the colors of the rainbow that includes the colors of all spiritualities, religions, races,  and sexualities.

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