The Nemeton forest

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The Nemeton Drus

Exploring The World of the Druids, Miranda Aldhouse-Green:

Caesar’s Druids Miranda, Aldhouse-Green:

Druids: Their Origins and History, Lewis Spencer:

The Gods of the Celts, Miranda Aldhouse-Green:

Druids: Preachers of Immortality, Anne Ross:

The Life and Death of a Druid Prince Anne Ross/Don Robins:

Celtic Lore: Ward Rutherford:

The History and Origins Of Druidism, Lewis Spencer:

War, Women, and Druids: Philip Freeman:

The Philosopher And The Druids, Phillip Freeman:

The Druids, Peter Berresford:

The Druids Philosophers among the barbarians, Jean-Louis Brunaux:

Druids A Very Short Introduction, Barry W. Cunliffe:

Rethinking the Ancient Druids an Archaeological perspective, Miranda Aldhouse-Green:

Blood and Mistletoe: The History of the Druids in Britain, Ronald Hutton:

The Druids, Ronald Hutton:

The Druids Priests of the Ancient Celts, Paul R, Lonigan:

The Druids, Nora K. Chadwick:

The Druids, Celtic Priests of Nature, Jean Markale:

The Nemeton Drus Spiral

We in the Druid Community do not DEAL with any forms of hate. We stand with and for the helpless, the sick, and the weak. We are the voice for the ones with none. We value all the colors of the rainbow that includes the colors of all spiritualities, religions, races,  and sexualities.

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