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The Gauls

Their lands spanned much of Western and Central Europe. From Northeastern Spain to Turkey, and from Southern Britain (though later), down to Northern Italy. Notably, what is now France, Southern and Western Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. Independent from around the 5th Century BCE, until their defeat and conquest by the Romans in 52 BCE.

The Gauls were a people who are defined as such by both their Gaulish language (in the Celtic family of languages) and material culture. They were bearers of the LaTenê culture of the Iron Age in Western and Central Europe. Never a people with a singular leadership, they consisted of dozens of tribes. Though a Gaulish identity had begun to develop, due to a greater connection by trade and infrastructure, particularly with the Greeks, Etruscans, and Romans, they were never fully unified.

Dêuoi (Worshiped Beings)

Sucellos He is known for His large mallet and is depicted holding a cup along with it. He is associated with the Underworld, as He is shown with dogs, and also with agriculture. Especially that of growing wine.

Nantosueltâ A Goddess of valleys and domesticity with Underworld associations as She is depicted with a raven. She is also shown with a house on a pole and a beehive.

Carnonos Associated with trade, wealth, bidirectionality, liminality, and possibly large rivers. He is depicted antlered and with a torc, sometimes with animals and a ram horned serpent.

Eponâ Associated with horses, the land, sovereignty, fertility, harvests, domesticity, and war (particularly cavalry). As well as travel between realms. She is often depicted with horses, and also a key, and fruits of the harvest.

Taranis Associated with thunder (His name means that), lightning, the sky, rain, truth, strength, order, protection, worshipped often by the common folk. He is known for wielding a club/thunderbolt and a wheel, which represents the sky, truth, and cosmic order.

Sironâ She is shown with a star diadem, snakes, and eggs. She is associated with wells and healing. Presumably with the night, dawn, or dusk due to Her name meaning (astral, or divine star).

Lugus Associated with commerce, wealth, oaths, and warfare. He is also depicted with three faces, which could signify an association with travel. It is also thought that He is a God of skills and trades.

Rosmertâ Her name means “Great Provider,” depicted alongside a Gaulish Mercury (Lugus?). She holds a purse and cornucopia. Thus, She is a Goddess of fertility and wealth.

Belenos A widely worshipped God who is associated with light, healing, and springs. He also governs war and was said to have defended a city (Aquileia, Italy) during a siege. He is also associated with horses and the solar wheel. Not necessarily a Sun God, but a God with a solar connection.

We in the Druid Community do not DEAL with any forms of hate. We stand with and for the helpless, the sick, and the weak. We are the voice for the ones with none. We value all the colors of the rainbow that includes the colors of all spiritualities, religions, races,  and sexualities.

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